Meet Trustle – Your Trusted Legal AI

We help law firms and inhouse-legal teams of any size build dedicated enterprise-level GPT assistants

Legal AI Assistant

Trustle smoothly incorporates an AI assistant into your legal workflows, acting as an extra team member to boost productivity. We tailor our solution to client needs, including selecting alternative open-source LLMs

Legal Teamwork and Client Work Covered

Trustle solutions may be customised to assist legal teams’ clients (external and intra-corporate) with their basic day-to-day legal tasks, complementing legal professionals in their strugle for clients’ satisfaction

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Trustle’s platform, backed by the LLM of your choice (mostly high-end open source models, but may be GPT4) automates routine tasks, allowing legal professionals to focus on high-level aspects of their job

Unique Legal Experience

We normally customize Trustle models for each client giving a unique legal expereince

Trusted Security and Transparency

Unlike our competitors, we prefer to store your data on YOUR SERVERS and use open-source language models, allowing your to avoid “black box” AI solutions