What is precedent

Precedents are sample forms or documents in previous transactions.
Using precedents can be efficient as they provide an example of what has been done in a similar situation and can serve as a base for drafting your own documents instead of starting from scratch…
When looking for precedents, first check with your workplace. If no relevant precedents within your organization, then check for outside precedents from other transactions or more generic form…
What is precedent
What is precedent

Why precedents matter

You are as good a lawyer as the precedents you can get.
High-quality precedents can save you up to 80% of time and effort.

Best precedents are drafted by practicing lawyers with solid experience of working with major international and local law firms. Using such precedents are significant part of such lawyers’ value proposition.

Majority of precedents are not publicly available

(1%) Publicly available precedents are just 1% of what is drafted globally. (99%) Precedents normally sit with other lawyers and rarely available to the public.

Most drafted precedents are never used more than once. However, when you need a good precedent quickly finding a good one becomes a struggle.

Precedents from public listing databases are overcomplicated, require major clean-up and mostly relate to US transactions.

TRUSTLE solves this

On TRUSTLE you can request, buy and sell international law firm quality precedents. You request and get precedents from the best lawyers in any country just like you would do in your office.
Trustle solves this
Why buy on Trustle

Why buy on Trustle

You produce a high-quality legal document much faster. The precedents you buy are the result of billable work by elite lawyers. Buying a ready precedent matching your case is much more efficient than doing all the work from scratch.
Take advantage of work products of lawyers from other countries and areas of practice.

International law firm quality. TRUSTLE allows only the best lawyers to register as sellers to ensure the highest quality of precedents sold on TRUSTLE.

Market-wide and searchable database of uploaded precedents produced in the course of a real work with clients.
You can request the seller to provide support in customizing the precedent for your case.

Recent Offers on Trustle

Document typeDocument NameDescriptionArea of PracticeApplicable Law
AgreementNDA Template CaliforniaThis is a mutual confidentiality agreement (also known as a non-disclosure agreement or NDA) template where both parties are disclosing confidential information to each other for general commercial purposes. Table of contents: 1. Definitions 2. Interpretation 3. Proposed Matters Discussions 4. Confidentiality 5. Publicity 6. Termination 7. Consequences of Termination 8. Reservation of Rights 9. Warranties 10. Indemnified Matters 11. Injunctive Relief 12. Entire Agreement and Counterparts 13. Waivers 14. Severability and Illegality 15. Third Party Rights 16. Variation 17. Governing Law and Jurisdiction The description of the confidential information is in the annex which makes the template very easy to modify. 9 pages, 12 Times New Roman font. This MS Word form is free.General CommercialCaliforniaPreview
Corporate DocumentBoard Resolution for Resignation of DirectorThis a standard company's board resolution for a director resignation. The form provides for a choice of mode of meeting, i.e. in person, telephone, teleconference. It also states that notice of the meeting had been given to all directors in accordance with the company's Articles of Association (constiution) and none had withdrawn consent within a reasonable period before the meeting. 2 pages, 12 Times New Roman font. This form is free. Corporate / M&AOtherPreview
Corporate DocumentCompany Constitution Singapore (Memorandum and Articles of Association)This is an up-to-date template of a Singapore company constitution. In 2014 the Memorandum and Articles of Association were merged into a single document called the constitution as part of the Companies (Amendment) Act 2014. Table of contents: 1. Share Capital 2. Interpretation 3. Lien 4. Calls on Shares 5. Transfer of Shares 6. Transmission of Shares 7. Forfeiture of Shares 8. Conversion of Shares 9. Alteration of Capital 10. General Meeting 11. Proceedings at a General Meeting 12. Directors 13. Powers of Directors 14. Proceedings of Directors 15. Managing Directors 16. Alternate Directors 17. Associate Directors 18. Secretary 19. Seal 20. Financial Statements 21. Dividends 22. Capitalization of Profits 23. Notices 24. Winding Up 22 pages, Arial font. This MS Word form is free. Corporate / M&ASingaporePreview

Why sell on Trustle

Share your expert know-how with other lawyers for a fair market value.

Generate passive income by reselling your shelved precedents: Once you have drafted a document, you can sell (license) it multiple times via TRUSTLE instead of letting it disappear in your document management system.

Customize your precedents on buyers’ requests for an extra fee.
All uploaded documents are being licensed to buyers according to TRUSTLE terms of use: you retain your copyright to a precedent and sell a limited license.

You set prices of your precedents.

No one can sell the same or even similar precedent on the platform: no reselling of other sellers’ precedents allowed.
Once your document is on TRUSTLE system it is automatically available to other buyers with similar requests and you passively receive royalties
TRUSTLE gets commission only when you sell.
Requests and offers can be made anonymously. The platform will not show you as the seller or buyer of precedents if you do not want to.
Why sell on Trustle

Recent Requests on Trustle

Document TypeDescriptionArea of PracticeCountryMaximum Price
AgreementContratto di sviluppo software. Termini standard del settore del software. Legge italiana. Documento Modello. IP/ITItaly$100Preview
AgreementShare purchase agreement and other auxiliary documents in respect of a holding company of a trade center in CBD (Singapore). The buyer is corporate entity, 2 corporate sellers. Standard set of warranties. All offers or bundles welcome. Corporate / M&ASingapore$800Preview
AgreementSHA, Series B medical technology company, 2 founders, 3 earlier stage investors, 1 Series B round (current) investor, Singapore law and courts. Please offer suitable precedents.Private Equity/VentureSingapore$200Preview


You request precedents
You request precedents you need.
New requests are shared
New requests are shared with lawyers on the platform based on their areas of practice and countries.
Authors offer their precedents.
Shopping list
You can preview, chat with the author, and buy document that you like.
And you can browse a database of previously uploaded precedents, pick what you like and buy it there.


All the documents are cleared of any privileged and confidential information.
By default, TRUSTLE keeps all requests and offers anonymous unless the buyer and the seller want to disclose their identities.