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This is a mutual confidentiality agreement (also known as a non-disclosure agreement or NDA) template where both parties are disclosing confidential information to each other for general commercial purposes. Table of contents: 1. Definitions 2. Interpretation 3. Proposed Matters Discussions 4. Confidentiality 5. Publicity 6. Termination 7. Consequences of Termination 8. Reservation of Rights 9. Warranties 10. Indemnified Matters 11. Injunctive Relief 12. Entire Agreement and Counterparts 13. Waivers 14. Severability and Illegality 15. Third Party Rights 16. Variation 17. Governing Law and Jurisdiction The description of the confidential information is in the annex which makes the template very easy to modify. 9 pages, 12 Times New Roman font. This MS Word form is free.