Company Constitution Singapore (Memorandum and Articles of Association)

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This is an up-to-date template of a Singapore company constitution. In 2014 the Memorandum and Articles of Association were merged into a single document called the constitution as part of the Companies (Amendment) Act 2014. Table of contents: 1. Share Capital 2. Interpretation 3. Lien 4. Calls on Shares 5. Transfer of Shares 6. Transmission of Shares 7. Forfeiture of Shares 8. Conversion of Shares 9. Alteration of Capital 10. General Meeting 11. Proceedings at a General Meeting 12. Directors 13. Powers of Directors 14. Proceedings of Directors 15. Managing Directors 16. Alternate Directors 17. Associate Directors 18. Secretary 19. Seal 20. Financial Statements 21. Dividends 22. Capitalization of Profits 23. Notices 24. Winding Up 22 pages, Arial font. This MS Word form is free.